Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow week accomplishments

   Well today was our last snow day (until it snows again). We'll be going back tomorrow on a two hour delay. I'm ready to get back to work and teaching those youngins, especially since a delay means sleeping past 5:30! Though some people have been a little down on these snow days due to the fact we lost four days of our spring break, I have thoroughly enjoyed this snowy week. I got lots done at school, Valentine's decorations put up in my classroom (it is NOT too early), and so much crafting time. My accomplishments include...

Some party lights to brighten the cold, gloomy winter

Last night my sweet and handy parents helped me hang up my Williamsburg prints

   I also got most of my supplies to began my Valentine's gifts this afternoon and our apartment is actually clean. I've enjoyed this week and am satisfied that I did something useful with all that free time I had. I'm excited to see the looks on my little kindergarteners' faces when they see our Valentine's Day decorations tomorrow.
   Happy snow week friends :o)


  1. Love all of them but my favorite is hoop--so stinkin cute!! I think I will make some as little gifts for the girls I watch, they love hanging things in their room :) Love it!

  2. LOVE all your white frames!! I cannot believe that y'all don't have a Home Goods :( It is my heaven!!! I'd say it's worth a day trip!!!

  3. I love the party lights. So fun!


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