Friday, January 14, 2011

Creating is a messy activity

   Hi friends and happy Friday once again. I really can't believe it's already Friday. I think having four days off and then a delay this morning really confused me. Today was a great day, the kids were sweet and ready to learn, we got to start two hours late, and we did a fun and messy art project. I love when my little kindergarteners get to be creative and make big messes in the mean time. Classroom tables are supposed to be covered with glitter and glue.
   After working on hanging up their projects and getting the room cleaned up, I came home and made my own creative mess.

   I've been working on my Valentine's gifts and enjoying every minute. I'll get it all cleaned up soon, especially before Brandon gets home. Until then, I'm going to enjoy sitting in the middle of my chaotic craft supply nest and craft, craft craft :o)


  1. I think mess is my #1 reason for not being more crafty. It's not so much that I hate messes, but more that I hate cleaning! :p

  2. yeah cleaning up after all the crafting is done is definitely the part that sucks. probably why our apartment is rarely spotless :o) thanks so much for visiting AND for becoming a follower!


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