Sunday, January 16, 2011

Focus and Zoom

   Today has been a pretty lazy day. I've been some what productive, but not terribly, and it's been great. We have tomorrow off of school for MLK Jr. day, a three day week, and then a work day. What am I going to do when our schedule is all back to normal?
   Friday night I did something very exciting, I got a new camera! My old one was a lovely purple and it served its purpose very well for a few years, but in the past few months my poor purple camera has slowly lost its ability to zoom or focus. The latter being pretty dang important. So I took some gift cards and Christmas money to best buy and got a wonderful, zooming, focusing camera. I finally got a memory card for it today so I could actually use it and I've been thoroughly enjoying my new friend.
   So after taking pictures of every object in our apartment, I decided to put it to good use and photograph a craft. I know you've seen one of these wreaths already, BUT this wreath has different colored ribbons AND the pictures are taken with my new camera.

   The last picture is a good indicator that there will be more wreaths like this in the future. What is up with this dollar store ribbon obsession I seem to have?


  1. Cute Anna! I love your mess of ribbon, that is exactly what my ribbon collection looks like too!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one :o) perhaps I'll organize it one day...perhaps.


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