Friday, December 3, 2010

The less time consuming cousins to the cake ball

   Tonght was the first official Christmas party of the season. For us anyway. It was my school staff party. I was excited when I received the email about this party because 1. we were going to play "Dirty Santa" (aka White Elephant), a Christmas classic, and 2. I was supposed to bring food. Yay! An excuse to make something yummy and out of the ordinary! I considered making cake balls again, but I really didn't have an entire day to dedicate to the cake ball creating process. My mom made these little tasties to share with her friends and said they were delicious and easy. Just the kind of creation I desired. She found the recipe in a Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade magazine. So, it's not an Anna original. I do not wish to receive credit and praise (but I won't turn it down if given). I felt that you all needed this recipe in your lives.

Cookie Balls

  • One package vanilla Oreos (the Target brand is WAY cheaper)
  • 8oz cream cheese
  • Chocolate chips
  • Sprinkles
Chop the cookies in a food processor or blender then pour in a bowl and beat in cream cheese with an electric mixer. When well mixed roll into balls and dip in melted chocolate. Add sprinkles while the chocolate is still hot. Place on wax paper to cool.
   While I was making these I realized I didn't have any wax paper and I refused to place the chocolate covered delights on plastic plates to cool like I did the cake balls. That was a dumb idea looking back. I found a box of cereal in our pantry, emptied the box into my husbands beloved cereal dispenser (the only gift he truly wanted to register for. It's growing on me.) I then ripped the empty bag down the seam and laid it on a cookie sheet to place the chocolate covered cookie balls on. 
   Everyone seemed to enjoy them and gosh they were easier than cake balls. My sweet husband said they were just as good. Thanks mom, and Sandra Lee :o)

Wouldn't they be perfect with a glass of milk for Santa?

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