Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Time is Here Again!

   I am loving decorating our first lil' apartment.

Our first Christmas tree. It was an ordeal (I was finally able to talk my husband out of using a kitchen knife to cut the trunk) but It's finally up and oh so pretty. 

My dear friend helped me decorate this sweet house.

We've got skills.

I made this ribbon tree last year. It's pretty cute.


  1. First Christmases are so wonderful! Your decorations look very pretty! Good memories to be made:)

  2. what an adorable gingerbread house! you always have the best little houses :)

  3. First Christmases are exciting :o) I finally finished all the decorating today and put away all those darn storage bins.

    I'm glad you like my gingerbread house. It smells good too. The kit I used last year was so old the gingerbread had no smell. Hehehe.


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