Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"The 25 Posts of Christmas" Gift No. 10

   It's a rainy, yucky day, but our sparkling Christmas tree does help to liven my spirits. Every morning when I wake up I plug in the tree and it just makes me smile. Knowing I get to plug in our tree and listen to Christmas music on my early morning drive to school always helps to get me out of bed in the morning. Oh, how I love Christmas. 
   As I've said before, Christmas tree ornaments are a wonderful and personal gift. These DIY ornaments are especially darling, aren't they? 

Photo from cakies

    For the complete tutorial click here. I gave it a try and it was very simple. I think I'm going to be making many, many more of these delightful yarn ornaments.

   I might give them as gifts, and I might just have to cover the miniature tree in our room with them :o)

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