Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Wreaths

  It's actually snowing. Quite a bit. I would say that it makes it feel like Christmas, but since it usually doesn't snow here at Christmas, it just feels like winter, which is funny because about 10 minutes before it started snowing my husband and I were discussing how much we HATE winter. The snow falling in the background does make our decorations look more festive though, and it does make our apartment feel warm and even more cozy. I finally finished all of our decorations, I still need to vacuum, but that can wait.
   So while the snow falls and I try to motivate myself to go out into the cold, I want to share our different Christmas wreaths with y'all.

   This one is a wedding leftover. We made it out of my grandparents grapevines.I added the Christmas bow and these cute birds my mom found. It's hanging over our beds.

   Another grapevine wreath hanging on the wall of our little balcony.

   This is my five minute wreath hanging on our bedroom door.

   And finally, our front door wreath. The wreath was on sale ($2.99) at the craft store and I got the ribbon and pretty decorations after Christmas last year for a darn good deal. I know it's not super creative and I didn't really think outside the box, but looks so festive and really delights me, and that's what's important :o)

   Happy decorating everyone :o)


  1. I LOVE wreaths, and these are GREAT! So cute.


  2. I'm so glad someone else shares me love for wreaths :o) Thanks for the compliments!

  3. Anna! I was watching Martha Stewart today and she made these really cool coffee filter wreaths and cupcake liner wreaths and I immediately thought of you! Here's the link in case you are interested... The picture on the page doesn't do it justice, the ones on the show were so much better and fluffier! I hope you like them! Love your blog BTW!

    ~Katie Tipton

  4. Aw katie you're so sweet to think of me :o) I will check them out! Thank you for reading!!!


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