Sunday, December 5, 2010

"The 25 Posts of Christmas" Gift No. 11

  Well, the snow is melting. Everything is dripping and my hopes of a two hour delay tomorrow are being shattered as the snow disappears more and more.
   Last night I crafted my little fingers to the bones working on different Christmas gifts and decorations for our own home.
  I have another gift to share with y'all today. I know you may be thinking "Another Christmas ornament?" but I've said before that I think ornaments make wonderful gifts. I found one similar to this in one of my mom's magazines and decided to make my own version. I thought it was so pretty and looked simple enough.

Dictionary Ornament

You will need:

  • Three pieces of paper
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1. Begin by making an acordion fold with each sheet of paper. The magazine version used solid colored paper but I just had to use my handy Goodwill Dictionary that has already helped me with so many projects.

Step 2. Fold each accordion folded paper in half.

Step 3. Hot glue the middle of each third closed and glue the edges of all three together to form a circle.

Step 4. Cut out a circle of felt and a smaller circle of paper. Glue the felt in the middle of the circle and the paper on top.

Step 5. Punch a whole in t top and thread some time through it.

  And that's it! aren't they lovely? The circle in the middle are definitely quite imperfect (can anyone cut a perfect circle??) but I love it. Imperfections are what makes things look handmade. These really are great gifts or just a fun project for a cold, Sunday  afternoon. Wouldn't these look great on your tree?


  1. Way cute!! Thanks for the tutorial. I can see some places I would like to use these in my Christmas decorating.

  2. i love dictionary crafts! so fun and one dictionary goes a long way!

  3. very cute anna! this is a craft i am going to do with the little girls i watch :) grace (4) will love this..her folds may not be as perfect as yours but thats what makes kid crafts so precious! thanks for a great idea!

  4. Pages in general are just so delightful and these really can be used to decorate other areas than just the tree.

    Yes, this would be a great kid craft! Especially to work on fine motor skills :o) let me know how they turn out.

  5. SO SO great!!! I've been busy making some very similar ornaments this year. Great job!

  6. Both of my older daughters are avid readers...Im going to make these for them...great idea...Thank you for sharing a great craft.

  7. These are really elegant, but so simple to make! Love them!

  8. very simple and pretty! yes, and i agree with Tammy that this would make the perfect gift for a reader! very cool!

  9. What a cute idea! I am your newest follower! You can follow me at Dont forget to enter my giveaway! If you are interested in doing a blogswap, please email me at CierraLarsen at hotmail dot com


  10. Yay! so glad you all like them. Thank you all for your comments and for following :o)

  11. Love these! I have a slight book page obsession thing going oin right now! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!

  12. So fun! Seeing lots of book page crafts in blogland...better go thrifting! Would love for you to visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made with Love Monday! The party will be open until Friday if you want to link up multiple projects. Hope you have a great day!


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