Monday, December 6, 2010

"The 25 Posts of Christmas" Gift No. 12

  Wow, talk about unbearably cold! It's supposed to be 19 degrees tonight. I'm already not sure if I can take much more and it's not even officially winter yet. My dislike for winter and ice grew more last night when I stepped on a patch of black ice and fell down three cement stairs in front of our apartment building. Not only did I rip my glove and my leggings, I went to the doctor about my swollen aching wrist today and it seems that it's broken. Stupid cold and black ice.  So now I'm now stuck wearing this ugly black splint for 6 weeks. Could be worse I suppose. I could have ripped my beautiful coat THEN I'd be livid. So with my wrist and hand sort of temporarily debilitated, I'm taking a break from crafting today and decided to share an adorable diy Christmas gift idea I came across yesterday.

Dainty Pincushion
Photo from Better Homes and Gardens

  Isn't this pincushion darling? It's definitely a gift meant for someone who enjoys sewing. I'd sure be pleased to receive such a thing. For the tutorial click here
  Now I'm going to ice my wrist. No worries though, I intend to finish all my Christmas gifts. I shall not be kept from crafting :o)

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  1. AW Anna!!!! So sorry to hear about your fall, and also your distaste for winter... LOL. Winter's my favorite but I understand that it isn't for everyone :D Great pincushion! Excellent find!


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