Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Enchantment Tuesday

   Well, this weeks off to a pretty good start. It's cold here though. I'm ready for spring. Other than that,  the week's been pleasant and already flying by. I didn't get to share my loves last week so I made it a priority today :o)

These are some pretty shoes

Lemon, blackberry, and cheesecake sound like a perfect flavor combo

All my favorite foods, mixed together

Simple and super cool paper bag lanterns


  1. 1) that cheesecake looks ridiculous and i want some now and 2) that bunny bait looks too good.
    both pictures are making me crave sugar like woah

    1. Oh gosh they're both pretty tantalizing aren't they? I think we need to make and consume that bunny bait stuff like asap

  2. Ahhh those shoes are to die for!!!

    xx Aliya

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