Sunday, January 22, 2012

My DIY Moccasins

   Yesterday was a cold, rain drenched, gloomy day so after a morning meeting with a bride, all I really wanted to do was sit on our apartment in my pajamas and craft. So I did.
   I actually bought this moccasin kit a whiiile ago (It was super cheap since I used a 50% off coupon).

   I started assembling my moccasins as soon as I got home. It was a bit more complicated than I expected.

   To add interest I bought some suede in cord in a contrasting color.

   I'm in love with every single one of these moccasins so was hoping to recreate my own, on a much smaller budget. When I finished putting my moccasins together though, I ran completely out of steam and was totally uninspired.
   I guess it's because Valentine's Day is on it's way, I decided I wanted hearts an arrows on my shoes. Felt ones to be exact.

   I made stencils, cut them out, and used fabric glue to attach put it all together.

   I think they turned out pretty darn cute. I'm sure it'd look more attractive without my big heavy socks but it's COLD today. I'll most definitely don these for Valentines day...and many days in between :o)


  1. omg!!!!! they are so cute! i love the moccasins you mentioned too, but can't justify the price. what a great alternative!

  2. Aww! Adorable! They make my moon boot sleeping-bag slippers look even huger and way less cute. :)

  3. Oh wow! TOO CUTE!!!!! The ones at darlingtonia are so sweet, but so expensive :(

  4. Simply adorable! By using a kit, this is a great project for kids to do, too!


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