Saturday, July 30, 2011

An impromptu "date night"

   This week I've been pretty lame in my supper creations. I blame the three day math workshop I had to attend. I was embarrassingly exhausted after sitting all day learning about math, so when I got home, I wasn't really into dirtying up the already messing kitchen and making more dirty dishes. Friday I decided cook up something special, clean up the apartment, put on some makeup, do my hair, and put on clothes that didn't smell like my afternoon workout. It was an improptu date night :o)

   Supper was so yummy and easy (recipe coming soon) and it was a blessing to sit and enjoy a delicious meal together. Afterwards we visited a nearby shopping center and enjoyed some time outside and rented a movie from Redbox. With school starting back soon, I want to take advantage all this time Brandon and I have to spend together and make that time a little more special. 


  1. What a sweet (and yummy looking) evening!

  2. how fun, anna :)looking forward to that recipe!

  3. aww I love this = ] I try to make every Sunday a 'date night' that he really doesn't know about. I don't think my BF has caught on to that yet. I usually make dinner anyways. But on Sundays I have candles and music in the backround. Simple but I love it = D


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