Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enchantment Tuesday

   Today I saw my summer beginning to come to an end. It made me sad. We had a math workshop at school today that I'll be going back tomorrow and the next day. It was kind of boring, but the ladies giving it said today was the most boring so hopefully I'll be less on the verge on falling asleep tomorrow. I have quite a bit of reading assigned to get done before tomorrow, so I guess I'll be spending a bit of time doing that tonight. Though I am sad to see Summer drawing to a close, after the training today I gotta admit, it felt good to be getting back into a routine. At least it's just three days and then a few more random days of other workshops and such so I can slowly ease back into this whole going to bed and getting up early thing :o)
   So now, all the things I find special this week...

I am in love with this un-iced wedding cake trend.

An adorably whimsical birdhouse.

I'm finding this to be so true. 

These paint swatch boxes are so very clever.

This ceiling is crazy in a fantastic way. 


  1. AW I am sad for summer to end too! Love the idea of an un iced wedding cake very unique and different I like that!

    Love your blog header! So cute

  2. Those boxes are such a clever idea - i love the uniced wedding cake, i hate the taste of icing!

  3. What a lovely cake! And that ceiling is awesome

  4. as always- I adore all of these. you are amazing at find this stuff <3


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