Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Thrifting

   Well I hope you're all enjoying this new week. It's super hot and muggy hear, very oppressive and I think it's the cause of the headache I've had since this morning. I was telling one of my fellow teachers today that this is when you want your little students to give you a bit of distance, at least when they're outside. They're all just dripping with sweat from all their joyful play in the heat. One of my precious little boy students came up to me today just crying and crying because one of the other boys had hurt his feelings. His face was wet with tears and his head was extremely sweaty, but he burrowed his face into my stomache and I knew he just needed that comfort and embrace to calm down. He did calm down, he and the other boy (who also started crying out of guilt) made up and went back to whatever mulch-involved game they were playing. I wasn't surprised to look down and see that I had a giant wet, sweaty spot on my grey dress. Oh these sweet, needy children :o)
   This weekend I visited Goodwill twice as well as another local thrift store. I was quite pleased with my finds and figured I'd share them.

I found this cute little wooden tray, now residing on our dining table, for $1.

These great jars have found their home in our kitchen.

I was super delighted to find three more of these Williamsburg prints. Still trying to decide where to display them...

And I found quite a few useful containers for planting my new plants

   Now if only I could find a a local thrift store that sells cute vintage dresses. Then I'd have it made.
   Oh, by the way, did anyone notice that I'm now at 100 followers?!? Yay! So.....looks like it's time for another giveaway. Be on the lookout folks!


  1. love all the great stuff you got!

  2. Anna I found the exact same tray this weekend. I'm planning on painting and antiquing it. It's a great shape!

  3. Great finds! What other thrift store?

  4. As for clothes, I'd check out Design Archives and ReFab Exchange Boutique! :)Both are really hit or miss, but it never hurts to check!

  5. ooo...Anna, I love those containers...soooo pretty together.....hope you're well...xoox

  6. you made these thrift store finds look high end! :) great job anna--so pretty!!!! i just love your style!


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