Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Owl

   I feel like I've been absent from blogland for too long. Was anyone else really annoyed by the whole Blogger access problem? I really missed my daily blog readings.
   This has been a very busy and eventful week. Brandon's hours at work have been weird, school's been exhausting, Brandon's parents and sister came all the way down from Massachusetts to visit us, and my brother graduated from college today with a Bachelors in Architecture. So, so proud of you Daniel!
   So, while I was peddling my wares at the Indie Market, I was obviously surrounded lots of lovely creations. Though I saw quite a few things I wanted, there was only one item I purchased...well, traded a pair of earrings for :o)

   My very creative friend Amy was selling these absolutely fantastic owl pins she made. This one is mine and I just love, love, love him. 


  1. I love love love this! too cute <3 I always love finding cute and new little things like this, especially birds. Have you ever thought of making little birdie earrings? I would absolutely buy every last pair :)

  2. Yeah this pin is pretty fantastic. Hmmmmm bird earrings are a grand idea. I'll have to work on that for sure :o)


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