Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

   Today was one of those days. AT the end of school I felt that I had literally given all I could give and all that was left in me was to spend the last 15 minutes reading in a dull, monotone voice. Thankfully most of my assessments are now complete and I'm satisfied, for the most part, with where my students are academically. At the beginning of the year I wasn't sure what to do with my non-English student or how to go about teaching some that just seemed to know nothing of these things called "letters" and no ability to retain anything taught. God's been good to me and really opened up my students' minds for learning. I can't believe my first year is nearly done!
   Well now, I know what you're all really here find out who won the giveaway. Not many people entered which was great for the ones who did. Much better chances of winning :o)

Though he was feeling a bit sarcastic...Brandon chose the winning number for me.

And the winner is comment number....

Yay Beatrice! You'll be getting an email from me very soon!

   Thank you to ALL who entered my first giveaway. I plan on doing another very soon so do check back. I wish I could send all of you a bottle of lovely nail polish. And, of course, a hair clip :o)


  1. Congrats on your first year Anna! I have such a respect for teachers. What a fun giveaway...congrats Beatrice!

  2. you're too cute. congrats Bea!!


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