Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Indie Market

   So, last night I participated in the Indie Market again. I've decided that I look forward to the few months of doing it when school's out. Teaching all day and going straight there until 9:00 made me a bit of a grumpy pants and probably effected my sales....thank goodness my mom and dad stayed with me quite a while and my mom greeted customers and carried on conversations. I'm blessed with very supportive parents :o)
   I was really with my sales and was so excited that two of my blogging friends Tia and Dusti both came and gave me quite a bit of business. Thank you so much ladies!

   Every time I do the market I learn more about selling my own stuff, come up with ideas how to improve my table set-up, and meet lots of people.


  1. that sounds like fun! I need to find an indie market!

  2. sooo soo happy to have met you and I absolutely love the items I purchased from you!! Can't wait until the next indie market. I've already hung my wreath and I'm giving my friends those earring for their birthday- which means next time, I need to purchase a pair for myself <3 you rock lady.

  3. i neeeeed some of your earrings, girlie! love the indie market idea :)


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