Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A gift and growing plants

   This week seems to be lasting a really long time. It's been a nice week though. Due to it being teacher appreciation school has been a bit more special this. We've had lunch provided for us a lot, raffle drawings, and tomorrow we get to have a Zumba class in the auditorium after school. I've been looking forward to that part all week. 
   This morning one of my adorable students gave me this necklace that he and his fifth grade sister made for me. 

   I wore it all day and left it at school so I can put it back on tomorrow morning. It's a bit more useful than a boiled egg or brown lemon and so, so special :o)

   I'm also excited to announce that ALL of our Zinnia seeds are growing. I was doubtful anything would happen buuuut apparently our thumbs are greener than we realized.

   Oh, and I finally reached 90 followers! Soooo I believe it's about time for a giveaway...


  1. Hooray for growing seeds! I've never had luck with seeds, I'm jealous. And zinnias are so lovely, to boot! Congrats on 90 followers - you'll be at 100 in no time :)

  2. So Happy you made 90 Followers :)

    If ya want you could always send some over to me ;)


  3. definitely amazing and super exciting. happy teacher appreciation week lady <3 I can't wait to be a teacher.

  4. YAY... for the little plants and YAY for your growing blog...hmmm? such is life, we water and tend to things we love and they blossom into beauty.......xo

  5. Congratulations on 90 followers! That's awesome!

  6. Stop by when you have a chance--your decoupage plate was featured in this week's So Sweet Sunday! :)


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