Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Embroidery Hoop

  I wish it were warmer today. For one thing because I love warm weather, but more importantly because today I am forced to sit outside our apartment clubhouse to use the internet. Our modem broke. I was on the internet yesterday and five minutes later it was broken. Oh the joys of technology. No modem means no blogging, no email, no weather forecast, no Netflix, and racking our brains to remember what we did before the internet took over.  Last night we went to Barnes & Noble to hang out, read books and magazines, and use the internet. Now, I need the internet for some school related stuff. So, here I am at an outdoor table, on the clubhouse deck, squinting at the screen and trying to ignore my numb fingers. If it were warmer I'd be thoroughly enjoying this, but today I am enduring. I predict a mug of hot Chai tea is in my very near future.
  So on this lovely but cool Sunday, I must share with y'all the other embroidery hoop I embellished. At first it looked like a big mess, but after some TLC it's much improved.

   It's a very happy and cheerful embroidery hoop.

   Though I claim to hate Spring, I'm working on being thankful and it is exciting watching all the new leaves growing, ducklings hatching, flowers blooming, and the days getting longer.

And after all, with Spring here, Summer can't be far off.

Happy Sunday friends and happy Spring!

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