Saturday, April 2, 2011

Felt Heart Embroidery Hoop

  I made something today. Actually, I made a lot of somethings today. I was felling very inspired. Maybe it was after being surrounded by so much cool stuff last night and now sorting through all my ideas for the next market. The top of our kitchen table isn't even visible there's so much fabric, felt, embroidery floss, Michael's bags, thread, and buttons piled upon it. Brandon's not too pleased with the state of our table, but he puts up with it seeing as how I'm about has happy as a pig in a mud puddle  amongst all the crafty chaos :o)
  I love wreaths, obviously, but something I sort of put in the wreath category but haven't tried much of is embroidery hoop art. I made one on a snow day, but my little inspired self decided to give it another try today.

  I already had a naked embroidery hoop in need of some love. Literally.

   I think I like how my attempt turned out. I'll probably make some more. I have another one I made today but it still needs a lot of work....a lot. I also made some fun little accessories I'll share this week. Maybe once all this inspiration wears off we'll be able to eat at our kitchen table again...


  1. What a great idea! Can't wait to see what else you come up with, Anna :)


  2. thats very cute. i love it. great job.

  3. Very cute! Love the colors and simple design that makes an elegant hoop "wreath".

  4. this is so pretty. very inspirational.


  5. Thanks Janet Rose and Megan :o)


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