Thursday, April 28, 2011

Purdy Earrings to Sell

   I don't like Thursdays. They're the toughest school day of the week for many reasons. By the time recess came, despite the puddles from the morning downpour, I was going to pull out my hair if we didn't get out of the classroom for a little bit. Since the playground and track were very wet and squishy, we had a wonderful time playing on the basketball court. We all skipped, twirled, crab walked, hopped, and galloped from one end to the other over and over and ended up with only two skinned knees. Tomorrow's a field trip to some kind of petting zoo type of farm. I'll be glad when Friday afternoon rolls around.
   I was accepted to sell at the May Indie Market so I've been preparing. Yesterday I made more purdy earrings. I added a couple pairs of clip-ons this time.

My favorite pair. 

   Now I really should empty the dishwasher, scrub the shower, and put up the laundry my sweet husband washed Sunday...It'll get done eventually.


  1. Your earrings are really cute!
    It has been a hard week and a 1/2 here with my K's! All of this wet and rainy weather is NOT helping behavior AT ALL! The good thing is that it is almost Friday!!! :) Hang in there! Have fun at the petting zoo!

  2. We'll be coming by to get more earrings! LOVE the ones I bought earlier this month (the buttons with seed beads) so much that I'm going to buy an extra pair to give away on my blog <3

  3. i LOVE your earrings!! you should so do an etsy shop, since i can't get to your show...think about it :)

  4. yay Dusti so glad you like your's enough to want more. Makes me so pleased :o)

    Alicia, perhaps I will open an Etsy shop..i dunno. I've been considering it. You'll be one of the first to know if i do :o)

  5. So pretty! :)

  6. you're earrings are so beautiful! i just can't wait for the indie market! yayyyyy!!


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