Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Enchantment Tuesday

   Greetings friends! Is your week off to a good start? This morning started off a bit rough for me due to the fact that I didn't wake up until 6:47am, I normally am already at work by then. I'm not sure if my super powers kicked in or what, but I somehow made it to school dressed and prepared with homemade protein shake in hand by 7:15 despite hitting every red light on the way. Though I made it fine and it really didn't throw off my day, I don't plan on repeating that stress filled morning experience any time soon.
  For the past two weeks I've been doing non-stop assessments on my little kindergarteners. Though it's been very time consuming and some of the assessments quite excruciating to repeat over and over, it's been so exciting to see that my students are making progress. Thank the Lord! After all those assessments I've spent more than a few hours at home putting all the scores into Excel sheets and tonight I finally finished all 19 report cards (why it's taken me since starting them on Friday evening I do not know...). Due to all this, I haven't spent much time looking for lovely pictures and items on the computer to share for "Enchantment Tuesday" today. I do have a few things to share though and they're so delightful, perhaps they'll make up for the fact that there are fewer than usual.

I love kid friendly craft projects and if they're festive? Even better! These yarn hearts from Chalk in my Pocket really make me happy.

The best Valentine's book I've ever read. This sweet story caused my mom to tear up every time she read it to us when we were kids.

I had no idea boots could be comfortable and be oh, so beautiful until I got my first pair of Frye Boots. A little girl in my class was wearing cowgirl boots today and though I know she is six-years-old, it made me wish for my own pair of cowgirl boots. These would be perfect.

This Valentine bark from My Computer is My Canvas looks so, so fantastic.

I hope you all enjoyed :o)


  1. Hi there!

    Thanks so much for featuring our little yarn heart project - they're still going strong in our kitchen and I smile every time I look at them! You should go check out "Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch" over at www.storylineonline.net, it won't be as great as your Mom reading it to you but Hector Elizondo does a bang up job reading it!

  2. regina thank you so much for visiting. I'm in love with your yarn hearts. I will definitely check that sight out :o) Thanks!

  3. My maiden name is Hatch....I am sooooo buying this book for my Dad for V-day! Too cute!!!!


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