Sunday, January 30, 2011

Framed Memories

   Well, I had planned to get some craft projects and such done this weekend. But Brandon and I spent yesterday being very lazy and enjoying the gorgeous weather and today I'v been focused on running errands and getting all my lesson plans for the upcoming week done.
  I did make time for one little project today, a frame for our room to clip some memories in.

I started out with this "art" I found at Goodwill. I liked the frames so I bought them and tore the pictures out when I got home. 

   For my project today I decided to use this solid gold frame. Yeah, solid gold ;o)

I spray painted it black. I really hate painting.

After it dried I used tape to attach some wire to the back so I had three wires hanging across the frame. I found these cute little clothespins at the craft store. I'd never seen these before but they're perfect for this well as hanging dolls clothes on a clothesline. 

I used the cute lil clothespins to hang a picture, our engagement announcement, my favorite bible verse and some hearts from our wedding garland. I also made some mini dictionary page bunting. I think it's much cuter and more unique than a bulletin board.

And it goes well with the rest of the treasures hanging on the wall across from our bed. 

Our room is coming along. Now I need to recover that orange velvet chair (with lots of help from my mom) and if only I could paint those darn white walls...

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