Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beads and buttons picture frame

   Good morning friends, I hope everyone is enjoying some weekend freedom. There's a few snow flurries falling outside our apartment, but I don't think it's going to amount to anything. It better not. I don't want to be stuck in our apartment all weekend. I need to go to Dollar Tree. I'm hoping to conquer these lesson plans this morning, we'll see if that happens though. Right now I'm just procrastinating, so I wanted to share this little button and bead covered frame I crafted.

   It started out pretty plain on a shelf at the dollar store.

   For my parents' Christmas present I printed some of our wedding pictures to put in the frames I painted for them. When they were printed at Target there was a small smudge on some of them so they made new copies and let me have the ones with the small (not-even-noticeable) smudge for free, so I needed some frames for them. 
   For this one I simply used my handy hot glue gun to glue lots of buttons and beads all over the frame. I think it's pretty cute.

   I hope you all have a beautiful Saturday. Mine better be snow free...


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