Friday, October 22, 2010

Lovely DIY Boutonnieres

  Friday! Oh what a blessed day. Another week of work accomplished and a whole weekend to look forward to. Knowing that the weekend is so close always makes Fridays enjoyable.  Friday is also prize box day in my kindergarten class as well as a reason to sing a few more silly songs in the morning. Today was especially good due to the fact that none of my students threw any temper tantrums and we had no cases of lice. Perhaps someday I'll feel safe enough to wear my hair down again.
   I was struggling with what to post about today and then I decided that I must share something else from our wedding since I said I would and so far have shared very little. I don't wanna look like a liar after all.

   I know little to nothing about flowers and flower arranging but I was so pleased with how the wedding boutonnieres my mom and I crafted the morning of the wedding turned out. I found the inspiration and instructions on Oncewed a sight that I viewed daily while planning our wedding.

Photo from Oncewed

   When I saw these and the instructions they seemed so easy and so much more personal than having a florist tie a rose and baby's breath together and charge 10 bucks. 
   To get started on mine I cut some small daisies, rosemary, and an identified plant (I just knew it wasn't poison ivy) from my grandmother's garden, and my mom and I got to work. We made little bunches for each. Every bunch contained one daisy, one sprig of rosemary, and some of the unidentified leaves. We then wrapped florist tape around each, and put them in water to soak. While I got ready at the church my sweet mom tied green ribbon around each bunch and attached them to all the men in the wedding party's coats.

They really turned out so beautifully, If I don't say so myself.

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