Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love Birds

   Something that I have been seeing more and more of and loving more and more is bird motifs in decorating. I personally really dislike birds. I find them scary and unnerving. They could fly at my neck and stab me with their beak or talons at any moment. One of my dear friends has always had pet birds and I remember when I used to hang out at her house she would let her birds fly around her room and I think secretly enjoyed my obvious fear...Despite this irrational fear, I think birds used in decorating are so pretty. Especially when it's two little birds paired together. Two love birds was the theme of our wedding. We also have love birds scattered throughout our lil apartment. Today I want to share my cute  love birds that I love so much.

Wedding Love Birds
These were some great Dollar Tree finds

Also Dollar Tree finds. They were brown so I painted and then sanded them. 

These were from Michaels.

I loved our napkins. 

Love Birds at Home
My decoupaged plate.

My newest lovebirds. Salt and pepper shakers from Pier 1.

Wedding photos by Jeff Scott of J. Darren Photography


  1. That's so funny that you have an aversion to birds! My twin sister is the same way, and I used to tease her when we were little by letting my parakeet loose in the house!

    These are really cute decorative birds.


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