Tuesday, October 26, 2010


   Gosh it's a pretty day outside. Not very cool and fall-like, but so pretty! I thought I'd be washed away by all the rain we had this morning. There's not many things I hate more than driving in the dark, driving in the rain, and driving when I'm really sleepy. I did all three of those this morning, but I made it to school safely. The rain annoyed me most when I had to get our class pumpkin out of the car and carry it inside without getting drenched. I was also worried about getting pumpkin dirt on my favorite cardigan. I managed to get it inside and the kids were so thrilled that I think lugging it in the dark and rain wrapped in my jean jacket and fumbling around with my keys, trying not to smash our fall activity at 6:30 in the morning, was worth it.
   I accomplished a lot on a new necklace I'm working on last night but it's not ready to be pictured on here. I also just made some fantastic dark chocolate almond butter (recipe to come) but I cannot show pictures of that yet because it's kind of chunky and not quite smooth enough due to my blender starting to smoke, a sign that it was time to cut it off.  So I've decided to share some pictures of different home objects and set ups that I plan to draw inspiration from for our little apartment. Enjoy the the delightful photos :o)

Photo from Anthropology

I love this Anthropology lamp so much I'm nearly entranced by it.

Photo from Design Squish

I can't get enough of plates hanging on the wall. Everything in this picture is so perfectly mismatched.

Photo from Design Squish

So pretty. I really love tea cups.

Photo from Weddingbee Pro

Quite charming.

Book page wreath. Need I say more?

Gosh I love doilies.

   I hope y'all were inspired by these pretty pictures :o)

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