Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Halloween Trip

   I haven't blogged on SO long. Life just takes over sometimes. It's been an exciting past few months, moving into our new home, WORKING on our new home, my birthday, the changing season, getting a kitty and, most recently, visiting Busch Gardens for the weekend. We met my parents and brother up in Williamsburg and enjoyed a weekend of roller coasters, a bit of rain, people watching, shows, overpriced food, cable TV (at the hotel), and precious time together. We went last year...but this year? Even better.

   Sometimes you just need to get away and scream out all your stress on a couple of crazy rides. 


  1. happy belated birthday!! hope you had a lovely one. glad you are back to posting :) i love these all looks so fun, especially the hanging pumpkins and the carousel :)

  2. oh you tease us so with all those cookie shots. And i love the hanging pumpkin decorations! that's such a cute, festive idea

  3. i love those pumpkin lights, the fall scenery and of course those cookies!


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