Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The past few weeks

   Am I the only one that feels like Summer has literally flown by? My gosh how is it already August? The best season is just way too short...guess I need to move somewhere tropical where it's Summer all year and never gets below 70 degrees.
  The past few weeks have been eventful I suppose. Yesterday I spent the day at the hospital with my mom, brother, and aunt waiting on my Dad to have surgery. It was a long, tiring day, but I am thrilled to say my Dad's already home and recovering, thanks to lots of prayer and our good, and always faithful, Lord. I've spent the rest of my time baking, spending a day at the courthouse for jury duty, reading, daydreaming about all the things I want to buy for our home (yes, we're buying a house!), and I bought new sneakers!

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  1. i completely agree that summer has flown by so quickly! when does your school year start? my students begin on the 14th.

    and SO EXCITING about the new home. congrats! can't wait to see how everything progresses :)


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