Sunday, July 15, 2012

M&M cookie ice cream sandwiches

   Baking really has become one of my favorite past times this summer. It's just so calming and gives me a little creative outlet. Plus, I feel much more productive when I've created some sort of sugary, calorie-loaded, deliciousness than I do lounging around watching TV.
   This is a recipe I've been wanting to have a go at. It combines three fabulous things; m&m's, ice cream, and sugar cookies, resulting in the perfect hot summer day indulgence.

      I used this recipe for the cookies and added a little over a cup of m&m's. The cookies were so soft and chewy and really just plain perfect. I was a little worried that the ice cream would be too frozen and hard and break the cookies. While the oven was still a little warm from baking I set the ice cream on top to soften it a little then, before I scooped, I ran the spoon under warm water. This helped a lot and I didn't break any of my pretty cookies.
   Now I'm imagining all the different cookie and ice cream combinations I could try...


  1. what a perfect combination. loooove ice cream and cookies!! must try this soon. thanks for the inspiration!

  2. ummmm...YUM! I want to make these asap! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Can't imagine anything better than an M&M cookie with ice cream in the middle!

  4. Hi Anna! Aw thank you :) I've had a lot of fun with my blog. Your creative projects and recipes are so inspiring!

    Also, Happy late Anniversary to you Brandon :) Love, Claire

  5. YUM! Hmm...I'm thinking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with coffee ice cream would be pretty delish!


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