Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enchantment Tuesday

   I've come across some delightful things this week...

   Such a pretty, colorful swing

Lemon Buddies, the perfect summertime version of Muddy Buddies (one of my personal favorites).

Perhaps my favorite of all gingham dresses

I want to be invited to a party like this. 

I love this picture. We used to camp in a pop-up camper for every vacation when I was growing up. The chairs, and the lights, and the pillows...it just looks like home.


  1. I cannot sit within 10 feet of a bowl of Muddy Buddies...I will attempt to devour the entire thing. That Lemon Buddy stuff, though, I'm so tempted to try. That little party table is just so sweet! And the airstream trailer?! That's my dream! I grew up camping in a pop-up, too, and have the fondest memories!

  2. so cute, I love the colored swing!

    xo erica


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