Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Enchantment Tuesday

   Well, hello there. I've been absent from blogging for a bit for no particular reason except that life got quite busy for a while there. School's been exhausting to the point where I just come home and have to sleep every day (perhaps I'm just a wimp) and we had a wedding a couple weeks ago that consumed quite a bit of time. School's almost over though, like only-26-days-left-almost-over, and the wedding went beautifully! Now that life's slowed down a bit, I'm back to share some prettiness with you all.

Chocolate dipped banans sound so delicious and all these toppings are just so pretty. 

This cake table is just lovely.

I want this bedding...very badly.

This dress is perfectly simple and so adorably striped.

These bright shoes would definitely make me run faster. 

Few foods sound more fantastic than chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter cups


  1. oh my gosh, YUM! that first photo is sorta killing me right now. i could use that. but i'll keep it in mind for a future fete! & we've been swooning over that bedspread for awhile now...ah, someday!

  2. okay- I need the bedding and I am using that idea on the tip top for the kids birthday party or a party we have! <3 love love love this week. that dress is too cute.

  3. Those cupcakes and cookie dough cups look amazing!

    xo Jennifer



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