Sunday, March 4, 2012

The past few weeks

   These past few week have been an absolute whirlwind to the point where I'm thankful that I have pictures because I can't recall a thing.
   My blog's been a bit silent this week I know. My Mawmaw (my mom's mom) passed away Wednesday so that's occupied my thoughts a bit. We had her memorial service today and I was so thankful for all our loved ones who came and that it was a celebration of her life and faith in God. Knowing she's now with Jesus and my Dada who she's missed so much for the past nine years makes her absence less painful. God is so good.
  These past few weeks have consisted of two wedding shows, lots of school, cooking, pajamas, snow (that seems like ages ago), and Friday night supper at Panera.


  1. I love all of these- I want to walk a day in your shoes :) everything is always so pretty. <3

  2. so sorry about your grandma...but you're so right. she's with her loved ones. glad you've had some time to reflect.


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