Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Break!

   Well, I made it! Christmas break has officially begun. After a raining, busy, crafty,  pajama day at school with extremely excited children I am blissfully exhausted.
  Here are a few pics of our day...

My gifts for the kids. I couldn't resist these adorable baskets from the Target dollar section

We made "reindeer chow" for them to scatter on their lawns on Christmas Eve for the reindeer. It's just  oatmeal and glitter.

To ensure that I sent them home on sugar overload, we decorated cookies.

 Every store I went to was out of Christmas sprinkles, but the kids were all happy with left over candy corn. 

My mom found a cute snowman decorating kit for me so we had some fun with that.

   We also watched Polar Express and read The Grinch. I so wish I had taken pictures of their letters to Santa, your heart would melt. 
  Now I'm going to stay up late, sleep late, finish my Christmas shopping, and focus on Christmas and all it entails. 


  1. Congrats! What a fun day. We are in till Friday and the kids are SOOO antsty. Enjoy your break!

  2. What a wonderful last day before your Christmas break! I'm sure your students loved all of the special activities you planned for them :) Enjoy every second of your break!

  3. This looks just about like my LAST day! Oh how wonderful it was yesterday to just CHILL at home!!! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your Christmas Break!! :)

  4. so much fun! I love it. Adriana watched The Polar Express and dressed in jammies, as you saw :) I love this time of year and getting to spend it with your class is just amazing- it looks like they had tons of holiday fun <3


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