Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Enchantent Tuesday

   I've been a lazy crafter lately haven't I? I dunno what my problem is, but I need to craft my little heart out this next week and a half before it's back to the school planning and all that. I did the Indie Market Friday. It was a total let down. I'm done with that market for good, but I am doing one with my dear friend on October 1st so I might start making some new stuff to sale at that one. Yep, I think some new inspiration has finally slapped me in the face :o) Hopefully I'll be sharing some pretty crafted-by-Anna things soon. In the meantime, check out all these pretty things I've found here and there. I know there's a lot of them this week :o)

The bunting is painted on the tablecloth. Cute and clever.

Th hand painted octopus makes this one of the coolest shower curtains ever.

I love this maxi skirt. Very much.

The perfect party garland.

I have no clutches and this one just screams summer.

I already love meringue and the idea of serving it on a beautiful cake stands topped with berries absolutely delight me.

This party is so lovely and SO sweet.

A creamy cocount ice cream that requires only three ingredients.


  1. I have actually made the party garland like that :)

    They are SO easy... I will be doing some DIYs on it soon...

  2. The party picture reminds me of a wedding I went to one time...


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