Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bicycle Loves

   So, sad story friends. You know my sort-of-new bike that I love so? I've been riding it pretty much every day and I just smile the entire ride. It's so delightful and pleasant to be able to hope on it whenever I wants and ride through the nearby parks and neighborhoods. A couple weeks ago my brother helped me put new inner tubes and tires on my precious ride and Louisa (yes, I named my bike) was doing better than ever. Then, I decided to ride to the grocery store and on the way I got a flat :o( I don't have the tools to fix it or the knowledge so it's currently idly sitting in our apartment. Tragic huh?
   My dad said he might be able top help me figure it out soooo hopefully I'll be back to cruisin' around soon! One my bike is back in working order there's a couple of accessories I long to get for my rides...

Most adorable helmet I've ever seen. 

The perfect bike basket for carrying groceries.

A nice cushion-y seat cover

And, though I know they're not totally bike-related, wouldn't these TOMS be cuter than my running shoes for riding around? I think so.

   So now I just need to get my bike fixed and somehow make quite a bit of extra cash so I can buy all these very necessary items ;o) Then I'll be all set.


  1. What a cute helmet!! You'll be so stylish :) Hope it gets fixed soon!

  2. I LOVE those Toms. My absolute favorite pair!


  3. i had a flat last week too!
    annnnd someone tried to steal my wheel on a separate occasion.
    silly bike universe!

    anyways, heres to fixing flats and really cute toms! ;)


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