Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer vacation day 2=baking

  Today I didn't sleep so late, but I'm thoroughly enjoying my second day of summer vacation. I've got some nice plans for today which include going to visit Brandon on his lunch break. Since he has a 30 minute commute I've only visited him once, but now my life's temporarily uneventful so I'm heading there today.
   And of course, I gotta bring him and his coworkers cookies :o)

   I opted for cake mix cookies with chocolate and white chocolate chips. Not complicated but still special.


  1. sweet of you :) have a great and relaxing day!

  2. lunch dates are always so special :) enjoy!

  3. oh my goodness.
    tonight, blake ran to the co-op and brought home monster cookie sandwiches.
    they were SO sweet and delish!

    you should bake them next ;)

  4. Thanks ladies! Monster cookie sandwiches???? daaaang. i might add that to my list :o)

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog! I have really enjoyed following yours this week. Where in NC do you live?

  6. Sounds like you're enjoying the start to a much deserved summer break! Those cookies look yummy--I'm sure the boys devoured them!


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