Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally making our porch livable

   Now that it's warm and beautiful, I just can't stand being inside. We have a nice little porch on our apartment and I long for it to be an extra living space. Somewhere I can sit and eat breakfast (once school's out), read blogs, sit with Brandon, and just enjoy the warmth of Summer. Until now, our little porch has been far from an enjoyable place. Through the winter it became an extra storage place (our Christmas tree stand still resides there) and through this Spring it's become a haven for spiders and their sparkling webs. When I first moved in after our wedding in June, I tried to beautify it a little, but my heart just wasn't in it and the six-pack of impatiences I bought ended up sitting in their plastic container on the railing until they were nearly dead.
   This year I am determined to make our porch a pleasant place where even Brandon, who hates spiders more than me I think, will want to spend some time.
   I started on my little project today by paying Lowes a visit. Someone please explain to me why people think it's appropriate to bring their dogs there??? I bought some really pretty spray paint for some rocking chairs I recently acquired and lots of plants. I had no idea how expensive plants are! Thankfully, we've been saving a Lowes gift card since getting it for a wedding gift.
   This afternoon I've been busy sweeping, planting, and destroying spider webs. There's progress being made.

   I didn't think our porch looked that bad, but apparently two little birdies though it looked deserted enough to build nests in our rafters. 

   I believe I heard quite a bit of tiny little chirp, chirp, chirps coming from these nest so I suppose they'll be our neighbors for a while. Maybe they'll eat all the spiders :o)


  1. I've noticed the dogs at Lowe's! One lady had her dog sitting in the child seat of the cart and kept SPANKING it for standing up. *sigh* What a fruit loop!

    Love the repurposed cans for the flowers! When we lived in an apartment in Fayetteville, getting some adirondack chairs and putting some flowers out on our porch drew us out there! I hope you enjoy your space <3


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