Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tissue Paper Bunnies and {finally} Spring Break!

  I am so tired, but so excited! I spent the day with 21 children asking me over and over...and over "When's the egg hunt? "Is the egg hunt soon?" "When do we get to look for eggs?" "Are we looking for eggs after math?" "Where are the eggs going to be?" and on and on and on... you get the idea. Needless to say, kids are already excited the last day before break. Throw a giant Easter egg hunt in the mix, and they are out of their minds excited. I love their enthusiasm though and will take their constant excited questions over apathy any day. And I gotta admit, egg hunts make me super excited too. I'm pretty sure I get to participate in one at my grandparents' this weekend. Watch out cousins :o)
   So yes, I'm tired from all the excitement at school and emptying and putting back together like 100 eggs, but super excited because my kids had so much fun and I now have five days or freedom before me. Yes, five whole days of Spring Break! Best of all, my husband has the same five days off. With Brandon and I often working very opposite schedules each week, I have butterflies thinking of all the time we'll be getting to spend together.
  I do wanna share with y'all the little Easter Bunny Craft we did today. It was pretty simple. The kiddos each balled up a piece of tissue paper, put it in the middle of another piece, gathered it around the top like a present, tied a ribbon around the gathers, and added a face.

  They turned out pretty cute and bunny-esq. Too bad I forgot to send them home today but with the pound of candy each kid took in their backpack, they didn't seem to notice their bunnies staring at them as they left. 
   Thank the good Lord for Spring Break :o)

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  1. Awww!!! The bunnies are ADORABLE!!! Happy Spring Break to you! :0)


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