Monday, January 10, 2011

My own twinkling lights

   It's finally snowing. The weathermen have been saying it would be snowing since last night and now it's finally happening. School was even cancelled today. It was an optional teachers' workday so I went and got a lot of work done and enjoyed a very productive trip to the craft store. I found lots of Christmas stuff for my students next year, some stuff for craft projects I'm planning to undertake and best of all, white Christmas lights. I haven't been able to find these anywhere so I'm quite pleased. I was really inspired by those lovely lights I shared not too long ago. So, when I came across the Christmas lights with the desire to make them into pretty little party lights, I grabbed some cute $1 cupcake liners.
   I popped in P.S. I Love You (It's pitiful but I cry EVERY time I watch it) and got to work on my lights. I love how they brighten our apartment, looks like a party.


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