Monday, October 18, 2010


  This weekend I was feeling especially crafty for some reason. I dunno why, but I just kept thinking of recipes I wanted to play with, jewelry I wanted to make, and projects around our apartment I wanted to tackle. Fortunately I was able to discipline myself enough to get my lesson planning done and finally (after two weeks of putting it off)  clean the disgusting bath tub.
  When I was younger I loved making jewelry, mostly earrings. My mom's jewelry collection is proof that I made most of the jewelry as gifts. Like most things, I go through phases and yesterday began a new interest in jewelry making. This time though I'm quite disinterested in earrings and more into necklaces. Every time I visit Anthropolgy' I love their jewelry so much. All their pieces are so unique and whimsical. I, however, am an average person and can't drop a ton of money of something as useless as jewelry so yesterday I decided to make my own Anthropolgy inspired necklace.

Photos courtesy of my friend Amy

Please tell me what you think of my new interest :o)

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